Nolte Brand Design

Head To Toe Brand Design

Bright Colors and a Hashtag made of the Brand’s acronyms. Technical precision meets Turkish temperament.

ZOKA Artist Footage

Summertime in the city – ZOKA on blue looking pretty. We shot this flawless guy so he can shine across all channels.

ZOKA Hot Shots #1

Shooting, artwork, type and animation for our brother from another city ZOKA’s magnetizing new 80 min mix.

Neuzeit Ost Brand Design

With our friends and partners of La Boom we moved into an former Deutsche Bahn industrial space beginning of pandemic crazy year 2020. Since then we are building our own creative bubble located in Berlin Friedrichshain alles Neuzeit Ost. We created a slick industrial Brand Design representing the modularity of it’s members.

Corvus Website

Corvus Brand Design